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NISSAN NAVARA (D22_) 2.5 D 4x4 DIESEL (133PS/98KW)

Breakers in parts - cars, vans and trucks, all major makes and models in one place!

Motor Breaker is a network of breaker yards breaking cars across the UK. Breaker yards dismantle thousands of vehicles into parts every day. The demand for used vehicle parts is very high. This demand is not exclusive to the UK and can be seen across the globe. Used original parts can keep your vehicle on the street for as long as new aftermarket parts or even longer. Our network of UK breakers can deliver parts worldwide.

Breakers in parts - find the right part that matches your vehicle

Our comprehensive browsing system allows you to browse a wide range of cars, vans, and trucks advertised for parts. By simply entering your vehicle registration number, you can identify matching breakers being dismantled. Use our tool to find:

Specific match – dismantled vehicles identical to your vehicle specification

Model match – dismantled vehicles of the same model and fuel type but a different year or engine, to your searched vehicle

Similar match – dismantled vehicles of the same model, but different vehicle specifications, to your searched vehicle

We always recommend using parts from a specific match vehicle or, if this is not possible, getting in touch with the supplier to clarify any questions that you may have regarding the parts.

Browse breakers by required parts

Our quotation service is very handy if you need to buy multiple parts to repair your damaged vehicle. When searching for parts you can filter the list to find dismantled cars that have all your necessary parts. This allows you to go to one supplier for all your needs. Alternatively, you can request quotes from multiple suppliers to get the best price per part. However, when doing this take into consideration the cost of delivery: it may still be cheaper to buy from one supplier who can combine parts into one bulk delivery, saving you money in delivery fees. Additionally, when buying in bulk, suppliers may be more willing to negotiate on price.

Whether you choose to use one supplier or many, Motor Breaker is here to make the process as simple as possible. With us there is no need to travel to different breaker yards, you can find all your parts in one place. We connect you to hundreds of major dismantled car, van, and truck breakers on our easy to use platform.