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Car body shop – repairs. How to find the best garage

To help your car stay in the best shape, you should find the finest car body shop in your area. As devastating as it might be, injuries to your vehicle are inevitable. Even if you take every possible precaution and protect your car, it is still likely to break down and get some scratches and dents during a drive. Moreover, you cannot stop the wear and tear that the use and age bring with them.

The question is how can you find the best car body shop? Why your car needs a visit to an auto body shop? How do these auto body repair shops work?

In this blog, we will answer all these questions and more. So, scroll down to learn everything about car body shops!

Mechanic or body repair shop?

Mechanical issues and physical damage are both very costly to repair and you would probably need a professional in both cases. Nevertheless, it is still good to know when to visit a mechanic and when to go to a body repair expert.

A convenient rule of thumb is: if the damage is external, go to a body shop and if the issue is internal, go to a mechanic. Car body repair shops deal with physical harm to your car’s body such as dents and scratches. Mechanics deal with the running parts of your vehicle such as a failing battery, engine, suspension, brakes, and so on.

What issues do a good garage deal with?

Car body shops deal with a multitude of problems. Some common ones are:

  1. Frame repair: Frame repair isn't something we pay a lot of attention to, do we? It is partly because of how hard it is to notice such damage. Pay attention to rattling or similar sounds and check if your car feels "off" during a drive. A car body shop will inspect your vehicle’s frame and fix any issues before they can harm your vehicle’s longevity.

    Car body shop. Frames repairs - straightening and pulling
  2. Dents: Dents are a pretty common type of damage for automobiles. They normally occur due to car collisions but can result from just about anything else too. You may have seen people attempting to DIY their way out of dents. That is a very bad idea and can cause damage to the car’s paint, which may end up being more expensive to repair than the dent would have.
  3. Car body paint damage: This is another fairly common issue - the one you may experience every year. Common causes of body paint damage are collisions, scratches, or even weather damage. Many car owners get paint jobs done for aesthetic reasons, as well. Paint repair is something you should get done immediately because a small scratch could lead to chipping or rusting, which will drive up your repair costs.

    Car body shop - mechanic with protective clothes painting a car

  4. Collision damage repair: With increased traffic, collisions are common these days. They can cause minor or major damage, depending on the intensity. Collision damage repair can involve multiple types of repairs that might be vital to the life of your vehicle. You could sometimes be tempted to ignore the seemingly small scratches or dents in your car but it's better to fight that temptation and visit an expert.

    Scratched car, collision damage, requires car body shop
  5. Window repair: Window trouble can occur in new and old cars alike. It might be in the form of an electric window getting jammed, scratches on the windshield, a broken window, and many other similar issues. A professional car body shop deals with all these issues. Even if you just want to get tinted windows or remove the tint, you would still have to visit an auto body repair shop.
  6. Car detailing: A car body shop deals with upcycling your vehicle too. It can be through the cleaning and refreshing various aspects of your automobile, as well as, adding new and exciting features. Not only will detailing make your car look good, but it will also increase its resale value.

    Car body shop. Car detailing, man polishing a black car

How to find the best garage?

Since car body repair shops play such an important role in the working and appearance of your vehicle, you need to ensure that you only visit the best. While there isn't a surefire way, here are three steps to check if the car Bodyshop is worth your money.

1. Read reviews online:
Starting your search online is a good idea because you get unbiased opinions from different people. Most of these car body shop reviews will give you specific details regarding good and bad.

Occasionally, certain companies pay for better reviews, so do not trust reviews that seem too generic or are in contradiction to other appraisals for that place. Look for place rated 4.5 start or more and with at least 30 reviews that vouch for it.

2. Visit the shop:

Once you’ve settled upon one option, visit them before handing over your car. Keep in mind the following factors:

a. Cleanliness: The first thing you should take note of is the overall maintenance of the shop. A good car body shop will be spotless. A dirty facility makes it evident that the owner isn’t very good at managing the workshop and will not be able to treat your car right. It will also not be best for the workers to carry out effective repair procedures in all of that mess. Thereby making the whole visit a waste of your time and money. 

b. Prices: Auto body repairs are usually costly but it does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for a basic denting. It will always be possible to find an excellent and affordable car body workshop in your vicinity. If you do want to settle for the most expensive shop, find out why they’re charging more than others.  If they are offering the same quality of service or some additional but entirely irrelevant perks as inexpensive alternatives, the extra cost just isn’t worth it.

Alternatively, some car body shops will be ridiculously cheap. If they’re willing to provide their services for a very low price, they might compromise on the quality of the material and machinery they are using.    Their staff might also lack experience and they will use your vehicle as a lab rat to train on. Therefore, if you walk into a workshop that’s charging way below the standard rate, leave immediately. You might save a few bucks at the moment if you hand your car over to them, but in the long run, you will end up spending more to undo the damage that cheaper materials do to your car.

c. Warranty: Mistakes are natural in any service you purchase, car body repair is no different. On that account, inquire from the management about their policy regarding warranties. If the Bodyshop does not have any, you’ll end up paying twice to fix a mistake that you never made. Always make sure the car body shop takes responsibility for any sub-par services they perform. Visit as soon as you notice a fault.

3. Look at before and after photos:

Go through the company’s website for before and after photos of vehicles that they have worked on. Most repair firms use these to advertise themselves for they shouldn’t be very hard to find. If you’re an experienced driver, it should be easy for you to determine the quality of their work by looking closely at these pictures.

Final Words

Your vehicle is a companion that will help you through thick and thin, only if you keep it in the best possible shape. One surefire way of ensuring that is by getting it the best possible care.

The finest car body shops take care of the overall appearance of your vehicle. They sort out all the issues that can make your vehicle look bad or affect its life.

I hope this guide will help you identify the best car body shop in your area.