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Used car parts, your ultimate part finder - Motor Breaker

Find used car parts or any van, truck spares with us. MotorBreaker is the fastest and most efficient way to search thousands of scrap yard, car breakers and part suppliers inventories to find used or new car parts you need. Whether you are a car, van or truck owner who is restoring a classic or repairing an everyday vehicle, buying used parts has numerous advantages. Check UK's top 5 desirable salvage cars. It can be difficult making the decision to buy brand new car parts especially when you are on a tight budget. Brand new parts for some older vehicles are no longer available, thus making used vehicle parts the only option in such a case. Whichever the case is, Motor Breaker will help you find the part you need at a price you can afford. We have listed some of the major benefits of using our online platform.

Save big when buying used car parts

Save big - repairs and maintenance - used car parts

The most obvious and admired benefit of buying used auto parts is the cost-savings. Brand new OEM car parts are expensive, and often times you are only paying extra for the fact that they have never been used. Especially for older vehicles that require a vital part replacement, used parts are the more cost-effective option. There is no sense in purchasing brand new car spares for a 19-year old car with over 200,000 miles on it. In this case, a used car spares would be perfect. But that does not mean that only old cars should have their parts replaced with used ones. Using our platform, you can search for used car parts you need across all available breaker yards, car breakers or auto part suppliers. You can also compare the prices of all parts and choose the one which fits your needs and budget.

Check availability online

Finding used vehicle parts is a tedious task and that includes trips to several scrap yards or used car part dealers. Even after so many efforts, it’s only a matter of pure luck if you find the part you need in fair shape, if not, then all those trips to car breakers turn useless. Motor Breaker has an excessive number of vendors selling used auto parts. You can browse through the advertised parts on our website or get in touch with scrap yards listed on our Part Suppliers list. This makes it very easy and convenient to find new or used vehicle parts you need for almost any make or model vehicle.

Get used car parts that meet OEM standards

Where to get used car spares? Nowadays there are numerous manufacturers of third-party parts and these don’t necessarily qualify on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. On the other hand, getting original new parts is a costly affair, and the whole process of buying original parts from a dealership also includes in-house repairs. This blows up your repair costs and that is why more and more people are turning their heads towards used auto parts. Used car spares are taken from salvage vehicles that are damaged beyond repair but can be used as a donor unit. Generally speaking, the risk factors of using used OEM car parts over third-party parts is significantly minimized. Now getting a certain part in a particular breaker yard is a game of probability and you would spend days if not weeks, to find the right original part. Motor Breaker has an expanding number of scrap yards, breaker yards and car part suppliers registered with their inventories displayed. You can simply search for the part you need, matching results will be listed instantly. You can choose a part according to your budget and purpose, all from a computer, phone or tablet. Our online platform ensures that the parts are specifically for your make and model vehicle and OEM parts are labeled as such, and sellers advertise them that way.

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Get the Right part delivered to you

Are you tired of roaming around town looking for car breakers? Is the search for car spares costing you more money than the actual price of the used car parts? Go to Motorbreaker.co.uk, where you can browse through the inventories of thousands of scrap yards and used auto part dealers, find the part you need and get it shipped to your home. You can get the right part for your car delivered to you, without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Find Repair Cost Estimates

Damaged car, checklist, repair quote

At Motorbreaker.co.uk, you not only can buy used auto parts for your car, van or truck but also get estimates for repair costs. You can browse through the garages in our UK garage list and get in touch with one to get a repair estimate, all while sitting at your home. The estimated costs are projected according to the parts you need and the current market labor costs. This tool can come in handy when you want to put a bid on a car, you can use the estimates to find out if the repair costs fit your budget, and then make a final and informative decision. 

Limit your Carbon-footprint - Use Used Car Parts

Used car parts - reduce greenhouse gas emission for climate change and sustainable development

Buying used car parts and motors is not only economical but also help with the environment. A lot of resources are spent in building a new engine or a vehicle part that includes the use of steel, the overall energy used in manufacturing a single unit. Now, you don’t save a lot when you buy a single used auto part or motor, but it takes its toll over time. Using second-hand and recycled spare parts during the lifetime of a vehicle can significantly help reduce Carbon emissions. Both mining and manufacturing can negatively affect our environment, so buying used auto parts from breaker yards helps contribute to the preservation of our surrounding eco-systems and natural resources.