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Crashed cars - alternative to used and new cars now? Brexit

If you’re looking to buy a car, you might be holding off for the same reason as countless other consumers – what does Brexit really mean for brand-new and used vehicles? The car industry has already suffered a great deal since the initial 2016 EU referendum. However, after the finalisation of Brexit, the real fate of the motor industry now lies in the decision between a deal or no-deal Brexit. How will it affect new cars? What about second-hand cars? Are they a better option? Crashed cars with a salvage title also come into the picture. Do they offer significant benefits?

Let’s delve into the impacts of Brexit and find out if you should consider alternatives to buying brand-new vehicles.

Brexit And New Car Sales

New car sales include both imported and U.K.-manufactured vehicles, however, imported-cars sales account for the majority of the U.K.’s car industry. You will be surprised to know that only twelve percent of the vehicles sold in the UK are built in the country.

Brexit has really shaken up the new-cars industry in the past few years because consumers are not so sure about ordering imported cars anymore. They ask themselves, will custom issues cause excessive delays in car shipments. What will happen if custom tariffs become too expensive?

In an ideal situation, the UK will stay inside the customs union. In this case, no tariffs will mean the average consumer will be able to purchase an imported car at the same price as was before. However, Brexit without a trade deal in place will substantially increase the cost of new cars. The U.K.’s automotive trade body predicts that on average, the price of a car imported from an EU country could increase by £1,500. So, what to do when you want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for a brand-new vehicle? Of course, you’ll want to consider alternatives for finding and purchasing a reliable, good-looking car.

Crashed Cars or Second-hand Cars for The Win

While the new car industry is suffering, Brexit hasn’t really disturbed the used car sales. That’s mainly because these cars classify as paid-for stock. So, even in the future, Brexit is less likely to have a negative impact on crashed cars or second-hand cars – deal or no deal.

On the other hand, it may actually have a positive impact on used vehicle sales. In the event of no-deal Brexit, skyrocketing tariffs might urge consumers to opt for more affordable options, such as second-hand vehicles.

So, opting for used vehicles might be a better way to go now. Here’s why:

  • They’re less expensive to tax and register than brand new vehicles.
  • Second-hand vehicles with supplementary features such as leather seats, sun-roofs, LCD monitors, etc. will be a lot cheaper than new autos with the same features.
  • Used vehicle repairs are easier and less costly than brand new vehicle repairs.
  • Second-hand vehicles have lower insurance fees.
  • Buying used vehicles or crashed cars means a quicker, more straightforward transaction, so there isn’t a waiting period. 

Bringing Back Old or Crashed Cars

Crashed cars in a breaker yard

If you’re into classic oldies, consider car restoration as a great alternative to purchasing a brand new vehicle or a considerably newer second-hand car. A classic vehicle that’s thirty, forty, or even seventy years old can come with several issues. But that doesn’t mean you can’t breathe new life into it and end up with a fantastic car that’s as good as new.

On the other hand, the crashed cars that have been in an accident, stolen or weather-damaged and the repairs cost more than the vehicle’s worth, get the ‘Salvage title’. However, you can buy and rebuild them. If you have a very limited budget, salvage title cars are a good option for you because you’ll find them at extremely low prices. Discovering suitable salvage title cars is smooth and easy now with Motor Breaker. They let you surf through a huge list of salvage motors and parts. Select the one that interests you, reconstruct the wrecked car and turn it into a solid, fully-functional drive.

None of these tasks is easy; however, if you are ambitious and determined, you can revamp or rebuild any vehicle. Either way, one of the most important steps includes finding the right car parts and accessories for the job.

Second-Hand Car Parts and Accessories

Second-hand car parts and accessories are a smart choice for DIY-ing your dream vehicle. At Motor Breaker, U.K.’s fast-growing motor dismantler network, you can quickly and efficiently find the right recycled parts at affordable prices. Breakers UK offers a free quotation along with a 30 to 120 days minimum guarantee. They thoroughly test each part before sending it to you, so it is highly unlikely that you’ll receive a faulty part.

Why purchase brand new car parts and accessories when you can get high-quality, branded items for your vehicle without any faults, all for a fraction of the price, right? Apart from substantial reductions in initial expenses and running maintenance costs, purchasing old car parts has some other benefits too. For example, they possess such great environmental advantages that they’re now being referred to as “green parts.” When you buy a used part, it saves energy by cutting down the manufacturing process of brand-new vehicle components.

Are Second-Hand Car Parts Reliable?

When repairing crashed cars or used vehicles, once you decide to buy used car parts and accessories, you will naturally wonder if they’re worth it. What if by attempting to save money in the first place, you end up with more repair and maintenance costs down the road, simply because you used an old, unreliable part. To avoid this, the key is to ensure that you find a renowned service that connects you with the best suppliers around the nation for used car parts. That’s where Motor Breaker comes in again, allowing you to search used components from a network of reliable suppliers that offer the highest quality parts. As long as you’re getting the best second-hand parts on the market, they’ll run just as good as brand-new parts.